We began experimenting with landscapes when invited to produce some pieces with a'Chilterns' theme for an exhibition.

Since then, we've applied the concept to vases, bowls, wall hangings and all manner of other pieces.
The pieces are built up in a number of stages with coloured glazes applied selectively - quite a time-consuming process!

As you might expect, each piece is unique, and this page shows only a small selection.
Pieces you can buy are on sale at a selection of galleries, at our seasonal shows and via our own gallery space at the Wendover pottery.

Also see our Tiles & Hangings page for more Chilterns-inspired pieces.

Get in touch to find out more, or to make an appointment to visit the pottery.

Chiltern Landscape Pots

  • Designs suggestive of landscapes found in the Chilterns
  • Size guide: 12-25cm
  • Price guide: £55 to £65
  • Just two of a range of pieces in our new 'Chilterns' style
To find out where you can buy our pieces, visit the 'Where to Buy' page or contact us.


Chiltern Road Bridge carved potChiltern Hillside Trees carved pot
Ploughed field box in ceramics

Hand-built and wheel thrown ceramics - tiles, hangings, vases, flasks, bowls, pots and jugs by Jeremy White and Godfrey Thorpe.
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Ploughed Field Bowls

Chiltern Landscape in ceramics

Chiltern Landscapes

Carved tree vase in blueBlue vase with two carved trees

Tree Vases