Our latest new Fissure pieces explore the themes of geology, natural features in our landscape and hint at the richness of the Earth's composition.

The pieces here are examples; we continue to experiment with construction techniques and glazes so that we'll always have something new to show you!

Some of the pieces in this series have gold or silver accents applied and then fired for a third time, giving a very distinctive lustre.

Click on the photos for larger views, to reveal the applied details.

To find out where you can buy our pieces, visit the 'Where to Buy' page or contact us.

Fissure Vases with Tin Mine

  • Inspired by geological faults in the earth and Cornish Tin Mines
  • These pieces feature extra details and are suitable for wall hanging or used freestanding
  • Click on the photos for larger images
  • Size guide: 18-50cm
  • Price guide: £70 - £240


Tine Mine Fissure ceramicsTin Mine Fissure - detail
Fissure and porcelain vaseFissure wrap - detail

Hand-built and wheel thrown ceramics - tiles, hangings, vases, flasks, bowls, pots and jugs by Jeremy White and Godfrey Thorpe.
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Porcelain & Stoneware Fissures

Standing Fissure with TreesStanding fissure with trees - detail

Landscape Fissures with trees and bridge

New Fissure Landscapes from Jeremy White CeramicsNew Fissure Landscapes from Jeremy White Ceramics

Landscape Fissures

Small Round Fissures

Small round fissure pots

Large & Small Fissure Pots

Fissure potsSmall fissure pots

Medium Round Fissures

Fissure with surface layersFissure surface close-up

New Fissure Vases

Fissure lustre vases by Jeremy White Ceramics