Jeremy White Ceramics is run by Jeremy White and Godfrey Thorpe.
Everything here, at the galleries that display our work and at our shows is unique, and hand made.

Jeremy says: "I love the idea that I am using the very material and elements that have formed our Universe and Environment - Earth, Air, Fire and Water.  

I am in awe of the landscape both in its unaltered habitat, and that which has been carved out and influenced by mankind through the ages.  
I hope it finds expression, particularly in my hand built pieces."

Godfrey says: "I'm currently developing my own versions of Op-Art patterns, making small 3D objects, jewellery and hanging tiles which explore my fascination with shadows, shapes and depth."

Take a look at the pieces on our site, come and chat to us at one of our shows, or get in touch!
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Hand-built and wheel thrown ceramics - tiles, hangings, vases, flasks, bowls, pots and jugs by Jeremy White and Godfrey Thorpe.
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